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    Cambridge Cybernetic Society
    7th Meeting

    "A Tao of Cybernetics:
    Authority, Revolution, Relationship"

    Donna Reese
    Dithyramb Production

    Wednesday 10 April 96
    @Cybersmith in Harvard Square
    42 Church Street, Cambridge MA
    5:30 to 6:30 pm [Note new time for this Meeting]
    Information about Cybersmith: 617-492-5857


    In 1979, Bantam Books published Gregory Bateson's book, Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity under the imprint of New Age Books and which was described in this way: "This important imprint includes books in a variety of fields and disciplines and deals with the search for meaning, growth, and change. They are books that circumscribe our times and future."

    This meeting of the Cambridge Cybernetics Society will be an informal discussion group, exploring questions, definitions, uses, (and abuses) of cybernetics as a term and as a philosophy.

    Both the new age and cybernetics originally represented this search for meaning, growth, and change: what do they mean now? Are the intentions of these movements related? I would like to look at the success of second-order cybernetics in articulating, in post-industrial language, what art, healing, astrology, the I Ching and other disciplines have represented for centuries. Cybernetics remains unique in its direct inclusion of technology and science.

    Questions concerning relativism, authority, biology, relationship are of particular interest, and will be opened in relation to writings of Humberto Maturana and Gregory Bateson.

    Donna Reese is a writer from the West Coast living in Belmont Massachusetts. She holds a Masters in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle.

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