Who Wants To Be A Prototyper?


Slides of a talk given at Cal Berkeley Class on

Human-Centered Computing

Speaker: Paul Pangaro


Thankfully, the discipline of software development has evolved away from the original "waterfall "model - design, implement, deploy - and moved to the prototyping model - design, use, re-design, re-useS, deploy. But Paul Pangaro thinks that's only a half-way point. He says that HCI must recognize that the end-user is also constantly prototyping - that is, iteratively converging upon specific goals, not just executing pre-defined tasks. Why doesn't the software help?

Sure, search engines let us refine queries, but they don't help us evolve an understanding of what we find - which presumably is why we search. Word processors allow easy editing of text, but don't provide tools for adding rigor to that text - conciseness, completeness, and consistency, which are the goals of the editing process.

In developing user interfaces for animation, content management, browsers, and search tools, Pangaro has focused on features that encourage end-users to be prototypers in the context of their own process. With examples from work at pre-Media Lab MIT, during the heights of AI mania, and now in HTTP and HTML, he proposes ways of minimizing the clumsy interactions we suffer every day at the screens of our browsers, using dumb search engines and someone else's taxonomies.

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Table of Contents

Who Wants To Be A Prototyper?




1. Animation Scripting

Animation Scripting Screenshots

Animation Script

Animation Result

Animation Video

2. Adaptive Browsing



Prototyping Activity in Adaptive Browsing

3. Iterative Searching/Finding

Search Front-End

Search Tool Screenshots

Dynamic & Personal Ontology

Dynamic & Personal Ontology

4. Iterative Web Site Production


SearchPal Help System Demo

Iterative Web Site Production II

Intraspect Tutorial Demo

5. Content Navigation

Content Navigation ó Goals

Goal Modeling

ìGoalî Defined

Who Has Goals, Anyway? ó ìUserî defined

Evolving User Goals -- Mock-up

Design of Goal-driven Systems

Surfing Scenario ó What Window is this?

Proposal ó Goal-driven Surfing

Goal-driven Surfing

Goal-driven Surfing

Content Navigation -- Links

Focusing Link Affordances

End-User as Prototyper


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