9 Conversations for Understanding: Structural Coupling

Virtual Reality

This subsection builds on the background presented in Section 3 on Visualization and Simulation.
Control in real-time: simulation with visualization, computed and presented for an experience of the system as if it were real

1st-order coupling: physical/kinesthetic attachment to parameters of the simulation for the experience of real control

Direct connect to system's "hows": understanding of the system emerges from experience and experimentation with 1st order coupling

Virtual Reality Applied

Systems view of citizen and producer as interaction of living systems each with needs/goals/constraints:

Structural coupling as a model of the relationship between provider and consumer, conceived as non-paternalistic, non-judgemental, non-controlling and symmetric

Domain of interaction is domain of possible distinctions

Language as determinant of possibilities/distinctions

Language as (possible) emergent property of structural coupling

Allowing possibilities to emerge in conversation is the third dimension of Conversations for Design
Negotiation for expression of each participant's wants/needs/constraints/possibilities

Mutual dance for mutual fulfillment

"Reality" of participants arises in structural coupling