4 A Front-End to Demand-Activated Production

Simulations for choosing among given options provide the citizen with ability to simulate a product/service in use. But that first approximation, where fixed options are provided to the citizen for simple choice, is crude and insufficiently effective:
What if options offered do not provide for the citizen's needs/desires?

In order not to lose opportunities, the provider must respond "on demand" of the citizen, where the nature of the demand can be captured by simulations around what is conceivable and possible.

Responding to citizen's initiative for defining options is the second dimension of Conversations for Design.

Harnessing the citizen's initiative demands a new response.

Demand-Activated Production is a production mechanism for harnessing that initiative:
responding to immediate demand

eliminating/lowering levels of inventory

exchanging uncertainty of need (which leads, e.g., to need for inventory) for certainty of responsiveness

can be implemented now:
delays in current system are caused by decision process, revealing limits of the social structure not limitations inherent in production

free switching provides the means to eliminate some 95% of delays in current decision system

Software techniques can support citizen initiatives in co-design with producers.