3. Category Display

Having explored the structure of results in terms of the Web, now the user wishes to impose new categories and distinctions, and to explore results to a finer level of granularity than the page.

The user has chosen a different type of display in FindItAll called the Category Display. Where the previous displays reflected the structure of the Web URLs or features of the pages themselves (their date, size, title), the Category Display reflects the interests, context and distinctions of the user.

Where in the previous displays each entry represented a Web page (URL), each entry in the category display represnts an excerpt. These are constructed by FindItAll as follows:

  1. The search query is submitted to the search engine, as before.
  2. For each page (URL) that is returned, FindItAll begins by matching each instance of the query in the page.
  3. For each instance of the query, a "window" is calculated around the query that defines a reasonable context for the query.
  4. Using Grasp's proprietary HTML Snipping code, the excerpt defined by the window is extracted from the source HTML page, preserving the complete look-and-feel of the original HTML page. Layout, formatting, backgrounds, graphics and hot links are preserved as in the original page.
  5. An entry is placed in the Category Display that represents the excerpt to the user.

As before the user can select an entry and receive a menu of functions, which include:

In the display below, the user has chosen an entry and requested to View Excerpt, which is shown in the browser on the left. This entry chosen by the user is colored blue and shown in the FindItAll display on the right.

Additional functions have to do with manipulation of categories, and are explained in subsequent pages.

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