6. Gather More Excerpts (Search Submission from Category Display)

The Category Display can be used to submit refined queries to the search engine.

Suppose that the user desires more excerpts in the sub-category "golf" in the previous display. By clicking on the "golf" sub-category, the user chooses "Gather More Excerpts" and FindItAll submits a new query to the search engine that is the equivalent of ("Cabo San Lucas" AND "golf"). As before, new URLs are returned and FindItAll creates excerpts that become entries in the Category Display. These entries are auto-categorized and (because they were obtained from URLs that contain "golf" and are searched for same) they are entered in the sub-category "golf." However some entries may be relevant to more than one category, as shown below on the right where the same entry is categorized into "golf" and "night", as highlighted by the blue coloring of the enrty in more than one category.

The user requested "View Marked Document" and FindItAll has provided the browser with a marked-up version of the entire page, with each mention of a category name again marked with brackets.


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