Heinz von Foerster Congress

Heinz von Foerster is one of the founders of the field of cybernetics.

Each year, a congress is held at the University of Vienna in honor of von Foerster's contributions to science and cybernetics in Vienna.

The following links offer presentations at the congress made by Paul Pangaro on von Foerster's work and those closely related to him.


Vienna 2011

Contributions to the Viennese Archives of Gordon Pask
On contributions made by Pangaro to Pask's archives in Vienna

Invitation to Recursioning
On daily praxis and the influence of Heinz von Foerster


Vienna 2003

A Past-Future of Cybernetics: Von Foerster and the BCL
On the connections between von Foerster, Gordon Pask and
Humberto Maturana

New Strategic Possibilities through Changing Language
On the requirements for bringing about organizational change


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