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Index of SearchPal Help
Getting around SearchPal Help:

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4-Button ToolBar
About SearchPal
Allow Capture and Search
Browser-related Problems
Button Commands
Capture and go to URL
Capture and Search (Options Menu)
Capture and Search Button
Capture and Search using
Capture from Clipboard
Capture from Clipboard and Search
Capture Selected Text
Capture-related Problems
Captured Text
Comparison of Content Providers and Search Engines
Contacting Grasp
Content Provider
Content Provider List Dialog
Copy Memory
Delete (Content Provider List Dialog)
Delete (Search Engine List Dialog)
Done (Content Provider List Dialog)
Done (Search Engine List Dialog)
Edit (Content Provider List Dialog)
Edit (Search Engine List Dialog)
Edit Content Provider Dialog
Edit Search Engine Dialog
Edit Search Text Dialog
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Go to (Content Provider List Dialog)
Go to (Search Engine List Dialog)
Go to Content Provider (Options Menu)
Go to Content Provider Button
Go to Search Engine (Options Menu)
Go to Search Engine Button
Grasp Information Corporation
Highlight-and-Go Software
Highlighted Text
Hints on Help
How do I change the Content Provider?
How do I change the Search Engine?
I can't get the dialer to run automatically when the browser boots up
I click on a SearchPal button and the wrong browser boots up
I do a Capture and Search and get the response 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application', but when I try a second time, it works fine.
I try Capture and Search, and I get 'Selected information was not available in text format.'
I try to Capture and Search and I get 'SearchPal was unable to capture the selected text from your application.'
I've created a Search Engine and I can't Capture and Search.
Icon Selection
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Modify Content Provider List
Modify Search Engine List
More about URLs
Move (Content Provider List Dialog)
Move (Search Engine List Dialog)
Netscape Navigator
New (Content Provider List Dialog)
New (Search Engine List Dialog)
New Content Provider Dialog
New Copy (Content Provider List Dialog)
New Copy (Search Engine List Dialog)
New Search Engine Dialog
Options Button
Options Menu
Positioning the ToolBar
Pre-defined Content Providers
Pre-defined Search Engines
Preferred Content Provider
Preferred Search Engine
Quick Start Questions
Right-Mouse-Click on Capture and Search
Search Engine
Search Engine List Dialog
Search for Captured Text using
Search Specification
SearchPal Help
Set as Preferred (Content Provider List Dialog)
Set as Preferred (Search Engine List Dialog)
Starting a Search
Table of Contents for SearchPal Help
Topic Index
URL (Universal Resource Locator)
What does the Capture and Search Button do?
What does the Go to Content Provider Button do?
What does the Go to Search Engine Button do?
What is SearchPal?
What's in the Options Button Menu?
World Wide Web

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