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    THOUGHTSTICKER "CBT Narrative Mode"

    Display of "CBT Narrative Mode" in which explanations follow a step-by-step order, usually to train procedures rather than concepts in a domain.

    • Top Pane: Minibuffer of Zmacs showing what the user has typed, as directed by the middle left pane.
    • Middle Left Pane: Main tutorial presentation area.
      • Directions of what to do, in this case, to type the text which then appears in the minibuffer.
    • Lower Left Pane: Dialog area.
      • CBT Narrative Mode refers to the current strategy used by THOUGHTSTICKER to present explanations to the user, in this case, in a fixed sequence to train in a procedure.
      • Column to the right holds menu choices. Note that the top menu choice has become "Go on...", which allows the user to control the pace of the sequence. "Back" is a choice that allows moving back in the sequence. "Forward" appears only when it is meaningful.

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