ThoughtShuffler v0.4 2001-02-27

 I. Here, Thought Shuffler starts with worksheet containing text automatically imported from a Web page, and shown across the top.

Menu buttons appear in the left column. When active, menu buttons are right justified as 2 are here.

 II. User clicks on first column of text, which turns violet to indicate it is selected.

Thought Shuffler extracts words from the text and displays them lower in the column. Grey in cell indicates how frequently that word appears in all the texts across the top. Here, 'Mac' and 'Linux' appear in an equal number of texts, approx. one-quarter of them. The other words appear only once, so no grey is shown.

 III. User has clicked on the word 'Mac' and 'Linux' and Thought Shuffler imports them into the light-blue column.

The user can also build a phrase out of individual words by holding the SHIFT key and clicking on successive words, as in 'development community' below. {grey+orange cell folow is a bug}

 IV. User has continued and imported all the terms in the 2nd column.

User has selected menu button 'order of most-common', which sorts the 2nd column in order of maximum frequency of occurance (top of list) to minimum (bottom) in the texts. Shading of cells reflects this.

 V. After selecting 'order alphabetically', user has clicked on 'Linux' and 'Mac.'

Texts across the top are shuffled so that the texts that have maximum overlap to selected topics are left-most.

 VI. Similarly, selecting a text shufflers the order of the topics on the left, bringing the topics present in the text to the top of the list.


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