thoughtshuffler focuses on 'leadership'

[Clear selections] 33. By listening to customers and closely observing their behaviors, an organization gains a fuller understanding of their needs. This understanding informs the organization's activities, and enables it to increase efficiencies or create new businesses. 38. For Sun to evolve effectively, it must understand the ways its customers, developers, and competitors are evolving. It can understand this evolution only through its ongoing relationships with customers, developers, and the market. 58. They do so by generating new language that appropriate groups in the organization come to understand and embrace. 68. To regenerate itself, Sun must first recognize the limitations inherent in its current language. Then it must seek out new language domains, and translate them into conversations that the organization may understand and embrace. 78. Managers understand the organization's past behavior. But this knowledge, and the language that accompanies it, limit their vision of the organization's potential future state.
understand understand understand understand understand understand
organization organization   organization organization organization
language     language language language
evolve   evolve      
relationship   relationship      
efficiency efficiency        
creativity creativity        
Sun Microsystems   Sun Microsystems   Sun Microsystems  
conversation       conversation  
increase increase        
regenerate       regenerate