thoughtshuffler focuses on 'leadership'

[Clear selections] 1. Notes on the Role of Leadership and Language in Regenerating Organizations 2. An organization is a living system. To survive in a highly competitive market, it strives to increase its efficiency. 3. Language is the defining environment in which these systems live. It is how those in the system reach agreement. It is also a medium for organizational growth and change. 4. An organization increases its efficiency by creating and refining a shared language. This common language helps the organization arrive at decisions more efficiently. 5. Yet while this language fosters efficiency, it also limits the organization's ability to evolve.
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living system   living system      
language language   language language language
evolve     evolve   evolve
efficiency   efficiency   efficiency efficiency
Sun Microsystems          
increase   increase   increase  
system     system    
regenerate regenerate        
decision       decision