thoughtshuffler focuses on 'leadership'

[Clear selections] 31. Trying to catch a mouse, a cat observes the mouse's actions closely. 41. Each conversation is recognized, selected, and amplified (or ignored) by the system. Decisions, actions, and a sense of valid purpose grow out of these conversations. 43. Therefore, an organization's language is critically important. It becomes more than simply a means for communication. It becomes a field for action, and a way of constructing truth. It becomes the basis for all transactions, the basis for all business. 67. Like any organization, Sun has its own internal language. Like any language, it is a field for action, a way of constructing truth, a basis for transaction and business. 72. Leadership is the reduction of uncertainty in an organization. It comes from clear messages, which lead to focused actions that cannot easily be misinterpreted. It comes from developing channels for continuous feedback. All these characteristics reduce cost and stress to the individual working in the organization.
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