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    These Web pages at pangaro.com provide a summary of work performed as an individual from 1976 to present; while at MIT until 1977; within the framework of a small consulting firm from 1982 through 1995; and as CTO and CTO-for-hire between 1996 and 2008—with work in developer marketing and strategy at Sun Microsystems is described in a recent resume. Content about philosophy and implementations concerning user experience and software design is listed on a summary page. From August of 2004 to November 2005 I served as CTO of Snap.com, from 2006 through 2011 I project consulting from the context of CyberneticLifestyles.com; since 2012 I have been running the startup General Cybernetics, Inc.

    Overall this Web site surveys a range of research, commercial software prototyping, and corporate consulting.

    The remaining content of this page is pre-1995.

    Cambridge Cybernetic Society

    Gordon Pask

    As host to the Cambridge Cybernetic Society and materials from the of Gordon Pask Archive, this site also has information on the Society's past meetings and the Archive's offerings, respectively.

    Pangaro Incorporated through 1995

    Each of the four phrases below offers a link to additional explanation of the company's specialties and activities up through 1995:


    A consistent theme of this site, as you will find, is cybernetics. A coarse synopsis of my view of the field is found in descriptions of courses that I have taught at George Washington University in Washington, DC in the 1980s, one that contrasts cybernetics with artificial intelligence and another that surveys the systems/cybernetics landscape. More recently, courses taught at Stanford University from 2001 through 2004 focus more specifically on cybernetics and design practice. Many other entries here represent my own approach to cybernetics. Some may be found to be impassioned and personal, while others more formal or academic.

    If cybernetics is a recurring theme, presentation is the most frequent and cherished format. Unfortunately the medium of the Web is no substitute for live performance. Represented here merely as Abstracts of Selected Presentations, these summaries will have to serve until the delivery medium is more suited to sound, at which time I would install audio/visual versions of some complete performances.

    A similar lament refers to work in the 70s revolving around computer graphics, their design and production. These dynamic graphics will not be represented here until I transfer some old 16mm films and U-MATIC videos (remember them?) to Quick-Time. The large-scale software systems running in workstations of now-defunct manufacturers, my company's focus in the 1980s, may never be seen again except in personal demos on rare and aging hardware.

    Technology is inseparable from its purpose(s). My particular passion for technology involves the combination of human coördination and user interface design, both for possibility and practicality.

    There is always more that can be said but only the work can speak for itself. Pointers are useful perhaps, and if anyone is fond (or not fond) of the deconstruction movement I cannot help but suggest one performance piece that I think has legs.

    The section on Proposals is of special interest to me as part of this Web site, because it contains pieces of work that have not come fully forward. While I am interested in feedback on any aspect of these pages, collaborators on these Proposals are most welcome. Thank you.

    Paul Pangaro, August 95

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