Paul Pangaro Curriculum Vitae
Please see for updated information.
This CV dates from 2001.

Education Brunel University UK
Doctor of Philosophy '87
Department of Cybernetics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science '74
Humanities (Drama) & Computer Science
Current Position Senior Director, Developer Web Services
Sun Microsystems Menlo Park CA
April '01 to present
Recent Positions

Pangaro Group Palo Alto CA
September '99 to March '01

Chief Technology Officer
Verano Mountain View CA
November '97 to August '99

Vice President & Chief Technologist
Grasp Information Corporation Cambridge MA
October '95 to October '97

President & Founder
PANGARO Incorporated Washington DC/Richmond, England
November '81 to September '95

Past Clients
  • Netscape Mt View CA
  • Verity Sunnyvale CA
  • Intraspect Software Los Altos CA
  • Du Pont Wilmington DE
  • Xerox Corporation Waltham MA
  • Lotus Development CorporationCambridge MA
  • Niagara Mohawk Power Company Syracuse NY
  • Admiralty Research EstablishmentUK
  • Army Research InstituteAlexandria VA
  • NYNEXWhite Plains NY
  • Naval Training Systems Center Orlando FL
  • Symbolics, Inc Cambridge MA
  • Pacific Bell San Ramon CA
  • Capital Children's Museum Washington DC
  • Simulation Design & Development Washington DC
  • Leading Edge Products Watertown MA
  • Johnson Controls WI
  • American Telephone & Telegraph Parsippany NJ
  • Bell Telephone Laboratories Short Hills NJ
  • Fee Control Group Ltd Washington DC
  • Metametrics Cooperative Carlisle MA
  • NOVA WGBH-TV Boston MA
  • Children's Television Workshop NYC
  • Positions Held Chairman & Founder
    Soliton, Inc.
    January '87 to January '92

    Washington Resources, Inc Washington DC
    February '84 to January '92

    National Symbolics Users' Group
    July '87 to June '90

    Director & Founder
    PANGARO Limited Richmond-upon-Thames England
    March '82 to October '88

    Research Associate
    Center for System Research and Applied Epistemology
    Concordia University Montreal CANADA
    November '81 to January '84

    American Science Film Association Philadelphia PA
    January '81 to January '82

    Senior Systems Designer
    MetaForm Incorporated
    (collaborators with Chermayeff & Geismar) NY
    September '80 to November '80

    Consulting Staff
    CYBERTEC Incorporated NY
    March '78 to December '80

    Research Staff / Research Affiliate
    Architecture Machine Group
    MIT Department of Architecture Cambridge MA
    January '76 to January '80

    Research Staff
    Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT Cambridge MA
    June '74 to December '75

    Manager, Computer Graphics & Film Facility
    Education Research Center, MIT Cambridge MA
    June '73 to June '74

    Animation Producer, Topology Films Project
    Nelson Max, Project Director
    Educational Development Center Newton MA
    June '71 to June '73
    Invited Presentations O'Reilly Open Source Conference Keynote '02
    Human-Computer Interaction Seminar, Stanford University '02
    BayCHI Chapter of ACM/Special Interest Group in Computer- Human Interaction '00
    AOL/Netscape/Compuserve Design Summit '99
    Seybold Publishing Seminar '99
    DCI Knowledge Management '99
    American Society for Cybernetics, National Meetings '83 '84 '86 '87 '88 '89 '90 '91 '93 '95 '98 '01
    Knowledge Management in BioTech Industry '97
    Small Computers in the Arts Annual Meeting - SCAN '96
    American Institute of Graphic Arts (Philadelphia) '95
    (co-speaker with Hugh Dubberly, Creative Director, Netscape Communications)
    MIT Media Lab/American Institute for Graphic Arts '94
    MIT Center for Coordination Science '94
    Antioch University Seattle, Whole Systems Design Dept '93
    American Society for Cybernetics, National Meetings '83 '84 '86 '87 '88 '89 '90 '91 '93 '95
    American Institute of Chemical Engineers DE '91 '94
    Human Factors Society NY '92
    MIT Media Laboratory Colloquim '88 '91
    Washington Philosophical Society DC '91
    Du Pont Futures Group '89
    NYNEX Media Laboratory '89
    Training 2000, Internal Revenue Service '88
    Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation '85 '88
    MITRE Corporation VA '87
    Symbolics' International Sales Meeting FL '87
    Human Factors Society Workshop VA '87
    Old Dominion University Ergonomics Conference VA '87
    Philadelphia Electric PA '87
    20th Anniversary of National Endowment of the Humanities DC '86
    Society for General Systems Research CA '85
    Quark Club DC '85
    Project Fulcrum, University of Maryland MD '85
    Cosmos Club Computer Group DC '84
    National Productivity Review '83
    World Congress, Aerospace Educational Organization Washington DC '83
    Johnson Controls WI '83
    Human Factors Society Symposium VA '82
    Seminar on Machine Intelligence in Defense Systems, UK Admiralty (AUWE) UK '83
    Harvard Graphics Conference '82
    National Educational Computing Conference MA '82
    Public Lecture, Concordia University, Montreal CANADA '82
    Architectural Association UK '81
    Symposium on Educational Systems, Concordia University, Montreal CANADA '81
    Visible Language Workshop, MIT, Cambridge MA '79 '80 '81
    Hampshire College Summer Institute on Arts Technology MA '80
    MIT Department of Architecture Design Class '79
    RCA Laboratories Princeton NJ '79
    American Science Film Association NY '79
    Industrial Liaison Program, MIT '76 '77
    SIGGRAPH Conference of ACM Philadelphia '76
    Global Village NY '79
    Creative Photography Lab, MIT '77
    Video Show of Harvard University/Museum of Fine Arts '76
    In Print

    THOUGHTSTICKER: A Personal History of Conversation Theory in Software, Kybernetes, in press

    Cybernetics and Conversation, or, Conversation Theory in Two Pages, Communication and Anti-Communication, American Society for Cybernetics, May '96

    Gordon Pask Obituary,The London Guardian Newspaper, April '96

    "Pask as Dramaturg", in Gordon Pask, a Festschrift, Systems Research, Volume 10 Number 3, '93

    "Including the Whys and Wherefores in Procedural Training: Intelligent Training for Emergencies in Nuclear Power Plant" (with Lee, Gander, Wilkinson), IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Charlottesville, VA October '91

    "An Examination and Confirmation of a Macro Theory of Conversations through A Realization of the Protologic Lp by Microscopic Simulation", Brunel University PhD Thesis, May '87
    "Cybernetic", Associate Editor, published by the American Society for Cybernetics '85 '86

    "Conversational Technology", Data Training May '85

    "A Videotex/Teletext Survey of the Application Level User Interface in North America", Videotex Industry Association Dec '83

    "Deleting the Knowledge Engineer" (with J Nicoll), Conference in Machine Intelligence in Defence (UK) Feb '83

    "Computer-Based Training", Interchange (Alliance for Arts Education) May '83

    "Beyond Menus", Harvard Graphics Conference '83

    Art Direction Magazine (cover, with A. Patel) '81

    "Programming and Animating On The Same Screen At The Same Time", Creative Computing November '80

    "Entailment Meshes as Representations of Knowledge and Learning", Conference on Computers in Education, Cardiff, Wales '80

    Impulse Magazine (with G. Pask) Toronto CANADA '80

    Technology Review Magazine (software for cover) Oct '77

    Contributions to American Science Film Association Newsletter '77 '80 '81

    "Conputers & Art", PLAN, School Of Architecture and Planning, MIT, Cambridge MA '77

    "Architecture Machinations", MIT Cambridge MA '76 '77

    "Experiments in computer animation" (with N Negroponte), SIGGRAPH Proceedings, ACM July '76

    "Computers & Art", ARTNEWS, MIT Council for the Arts, Cambridge MA '76

    "Mediation of impulse conduction in axons by threshold changes" (with S Raymond), Society for Neurosciences Vol II:417, '77

    "Reports of the Research Lab of Electronics" (with S Raymond), #116:273-287 ('74), #119:145-153 ('75)

  • Cine Golden Eagle (with N. Max and E. Millet) '73 '74
  • MIT Stewart Award, in Drama Cambridge MA '74
  • Finalist in Acting, University Resident Theatre Association, '73
  • Software Systems ThoughtShuffler (with P. Paine) '01
    EOP-SS (with Wilkinson and Gander) '89 - '92
    THOUGHTSTICKER (with J. Nicoll) '83 - '88
    S.A.K.I Expert Typing Tutor (with S. Steinberg, G. Pask) '86
    GKS graphics system (design) '80
    Energy data graphing (for NYU Medical Center) '78 '79
    EOM: Graphically-scripted animation (with Architecture Machine) '77
    Electronic PAINT (with Architecture Machine) '76 '77
    Most simple = most complex (with S. Steinberg) '76
    Nerve threshold modelling (with S. Raymond) '74 '75
    Axon nets as information filters (with J. Lettvin) '73
    Homotopies animation package (with E. Millet) '71 '72
    Interactive Universal Automata '70
    Conway Automata (with E. Millet) '70
    Plastic puzzle solving '69
    Computer Animation
  • with research
  • Teaching Heisenberg CTW
  • with production
  • Nerve Threshold
    Stick Models Arch
    Electronic PAINT
    Raster Scanning


    Axon trees


  • with narration
  • Regular Homotopies
    Parts I & II, Nelson
  • with on-camera
  • with direction
  • Noisy Maps
    Team Decision System
    Software Experience LISP, PL/1, BASIC, FORTRAN; also APL, PASCAL, "C"; Mac, Symbolics 3600, PDP-9, PDP-10, PDP-11, IBM-360; DEC-340, E&S LDS-1, RAMTEK, SIGMA Graphics; Magic-6 Timeshares, ITS, WYLBUR, MULTICS, CTSS. Other graphics packages and libraries, software and machinery.
    Teaching Introduction to Systems Science & Cybernetics
    Department of Management Science
    George Washington University, Washington DC, Fall '90

    Artifical Intelligence & Cybernetics
    Department of Management Science
    George Washington University, Washington DC, Spring '90

    Tutorial: Introduction to Cybernetics (with Heinz von Foerster) American Society for Cybernetics
    Urbana IL '87

    Summer Courses in Computers & Graphics (Individual Lectures)
    Department of Architecture, MIT
    Cambridge MA '78 '79 '80 '81 '83

    Lecturer, Course in Computers & Graphics
    Department of Architecture, MIT
    Cambridge MA '80

    Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
    Architecture Machine Group, MIT
    Cambridge MA '76 '77

    Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Computers
    Department of Electrical Engineering, MIT
    Cambridge MA '70

    Course in Computer Modelling
    Education Research Center, MIT
    Cambridge MA '70 '71

    Mime Instructor
    City of Boston '72

    Tutor in English & Mathematics
    Seton Hall Preparatory School
    South Orange, NJ '68 '69