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    "La Déesse"

    • Designed by the Italian sculptor Bertoni and engineered as only the French can
    • First model year: 1955, with some changes to the front fendors and headlights in 1966 (as above)

    1970 DS21 Pallas

    • Fourth owner, purchased in 1985 at 48,000 miles (first and only car owned by me)
    • 108,000 current miles, driven often (except in salt)
    • Full leather interior; manual four-speed on the column
    • "European" turning headlights; rotary a/c compressor with fender-mounted condensors; relocated pressure regulator
    • Recent Repairs: yes
    • Current Needs: please don't ask
    • Availability for Sale: not on your life

    DS FAQs

    Q1: Does it really go up and down [accompanied by hand motion]:
    A: [Sigh] Yes. It has a hydraulic suspension, without shocks or springs. It has a servo-controlled leveler, which assures the same ride height no matter the load. Sort of cybernetic, you see.

    Q2: Where do you find parts?
    A: Hey, what makes you think I need parts?

    Q3: Where do you get it serviced?
    A: Ah, good question. There is a great guy nearby (Lance Hellman) for everything except major engine things. For that I will need to drive 4 hours to New York State, probably in a month or so...

    Q4: Is it true that the car had major innovations years ahead of its time?
    A: Emphatically, yes. Front-wheel drive, in-board front disk brakes, "cab forward" (as Chrysler now calls it), aerodynamic design (0.38 drag coefficient), curved front bumper.... sorry, internet download time doesn't allow a complete list.

    Q5: Is it true that you consider the process of changing a tire, which does not require a jack, to be a mystical experience? If so, why?
    A: Unquestionably: because of that last moment, when the car leans heavily away from you and lastly lifts its wheels off the ground for you - c'est magnifique.

    2 November 95


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