Materials related to Internet Search


    One-page Description of Conversational Search. Conversational Search is a product concept for increasing ecommerce revenue by making shopping experiences more efficient and more satisfying for consumers. By modeling product search and ecommerce interfaces as special cases of human conversation, Conversational Search leads to a development plan with concrete, incremental steps for embedding experiences into online search sites and other collaboration/communication products.

    Plan for Conversational Search. Draft implementation plan for developing Conversational Search in the context of an existing search company.

    Searching for Understanding. Internet search is not an end in itself—we search in order to find information, in order to make decisions or take actions. What are prerequisites to making decisions or taking actions? Therein lies a key to improving internet search.

    Argument for a Conversation Architecture to Improve Search. Conversation works. (Want to argue about that?) How does conversation provide design guidance for improving user experience, including search?

    THOUGHTSHUFFLER Software. Description, screen shots, and walk-throughs of a simple, spreadsheet-style user interface for handling online text content of all kinds, including search results, blog reading, or large documents.

    Summary page. Approaches to 'user experience', philosophy and implementations.


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