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More about URLs

A typical URL:


It has these parts:

  • The 'http' part of a URL indicates that the page is a Web page (as opposed to other formats for data on the Internet).
  • '' is the primary name for the Web site, which allows the Internet to find the computer on which the pages reside.
  • The remainder of the URL is a way of pointing to a specific page on that computer.
  • The 'htm' suffix (which is sometimes 'html') indicates that the file is comprised of a set of instructions in HTML (HyperText Markup Language), which give the formatting codes for all Web pages.



Your Browser sends a request for a URL to your Internet connection; that request travels the Internet to the computer that has that page; that computer sends the page back to your Browser. In essence, that is how the World Wide Web works.


Of course there is much more to learn about the Web, from the Web itself. You might want to start at the site for the W3 Consortium.


You can use SearchPal to go directly to a URL that is displayed in an application window, with the Capture and go to URL command.

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URL (Universal Resource Locator)
World Wide Web

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