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    Master Class Workshop
    Designing for Conversation
    ad:tech San Francisco 2009

    Paul Pangaro, PhD
    CTO, CyberneticLifestyles.com
    April 22, 2009

    The age of "conversational marketing" is here, we're told, but what does that mean, exactly? What is conversation, and how can it increase value for both consumers and advertisers? Dr. Paul Pangaro is a conversation theorist and product/service designer who models digital media interaction to determine its effectiveness in achieving participant's and advertiser's goals. Using prescriptive frameworks, his presentation will address the questions:

    How can we measure the quality and value of conversation?
    How can digital conversations get better?
    Is there potential for co-evolution between participant and advertiser?

    Join this session to understand and improve each element of your conversational media, from opening a channel and engaging consumers, to increasing transactions and lifetime customer value.

    Paul Pangaro discovered the cybernetics of conversation while at Nicholas Negroponte's MIT research lab. He started a company that employed the principles of conversation theory in designing software for training and decision-making, and helping organizations to see the patterns that cause them to be stuck or allow them to be creative. In recent years, he has been using cybernetic models to frame his work in product design, organizational change, and innovation strategy. Paul holds a BSci in Computer Science/Humanities from MIT and a PhD in Cybernetics from Brunel University, UK, where he worked with Gordon Pask, the originator of conversation theory. He taught a course in cybernetics and design in the HCI program at Stanford for 7 years and is a frequent lecturer on innovation, organizational strategy and interaction design at universities and organizations around the world.

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    Designing for Conversation


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