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Intraspect Knowledge Manager Tutorial

Tutorial Version 1.0 for Intraspect Release 1.0


Welcome to Intraspect, the knowledge management system that enables you to collect, organize, share and re-use the knowledge of your enterprise.

Electronic information is a given in today's enterprise. E-mail systems, Web browsers and collaboration software are all in daily use. Intraspect integrates the capabilities of these applications into a seamless environment that lets you work the way you prefer to work — using your current e-mail program, your browser, or Intraspect's client software. Intraspect captures your work in a group memory that makes searching and re-use as simple as point-and-click, drag-and-drop. As a result, your organization can manage its knowledge assets with minimal overhead.

This hands-on tutorial will demonstrate the power of Intraspect by leading you step-by-step through a scenario that exercises Intraspect's basic functions, using simple examples. After completing the tutorial, you can move to more complex, real-world problems, and experience the full capabilities of Intraspect.

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