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    History of Past Meetings

    9th Meeting: "Searching, Searching: Knowledge Acquisition by any other Name"
    , Wednesday 28 May 1997, Grasp Information Corporation, 185 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA.

    8th Meeting: "Pask as Prologue: Cybernetics because of Gordon Pask", Paul Pangaro and Colleagues of the Society, Wednesday, 8 May 1996, Cybersmith, Harvard Square.

    7th Meeting: "A Tao of Cybernetics: Authority, Revolution, Relationship", Donna Reese, Dithyramb Production, Wednesday 10 April 96, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    6th Meeting: 14 March 96, "Getting Permission for Second Order Cybernetics"
    , Ranulph Glanville, Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    5th Meeting: 21 February 96, "Why the CEO Chooses Not to Listen", Innovation and the Paradox of Adaptation in Corporate America,
    Walter Lee, Consultant, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    4th Meeting: 17 January 96,
    "Advances in Improbable Cybernetic Research", Marc Abrahams, Editor, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    3rd Meeting: 13 December 95, "To Grow an Ear", sensory evolution in artificial devices, by Dr Peter Cariani, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    2nd Meeting: 8 November 95, "Origins of Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics", Prof Jerome Y Lettvin,
    @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

    1st Meeting: 11 October 95, "When is Cybernetics?", An illuminating introduction to an oft-invoked but arcane field, Paul Pangaro, @Cybersmith in Harvard Square.

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