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    Cambridge Cybernetic Society

    Please Note: The Society is no longer active

    List of Past Meetings


    • To create a forum for trans-disciplinary discussion in the tradition of cybernetics
    • To consider relationships of technology, commerce and society in the 21st Century
    • To offer perspectives of cybernetics as a constructive discipline, especially in the context of its prefix being usurped

      Here is a personal commentary from one of the founders.

      Here is a compendium of cybernetics from our European colleagues.


    • Participation is open to individuals with sympathy for our Mission, a flair for new ideas, and an open mind reflected in a well-placed sense of humor (see Our Mascot)
    • Our members are contributors in the fields of technology, arts, business, other
    • In order to avoid membership fees, all announcements are provided by e-mail or fax only


    • Free and open to the public
    • Meetings have been suspended for the time being

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